Graduates of Kindergarten – 1st Grade
Jun 02, 2014 to Aug 15, 2014

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The perfect camp for your little snorkeler! Dive in to educational fun as campers learn about the crawling critters of our local estuary. Campers will work together to
assemble a classroom touch tank and collect critters each day on their snorkeling excursions! Your camper will even learn what it takes to care for these animals by participating in feedings and by creating their own exhibit signs. This camp involves lots of outdoor activities and time on the water for hands-on learning!



What sets mammals apart from other underwater animals? Find out as campers
create toys for our resident otters, interact with our dolphins through their underwater windows, and learn all about their wild cousins as we embark on three snorkeling excursions. Compare whales and dolphins with river otters and sea otters, and learn the many similarities and differences. Campers will also enjoy a private Clearwater Marine Aquarium dolphin presentation, put on just for our summer camps!



Why do fish swim together in schools? How do sea turtles find their way? Explore these questions and more as we focus on the scaly and slimy Clearwater Marine Aquarium residents. Campers will participate in a fish feeding, learn the differences between sharks and other fish, and see where our sea turtles’ food is prepared each day. Campers will get splashed at our stingray tank and be transformed into sea turtles using real shells! Campers will enjoy three snorkeling trips combined with indoor educational activities for a full week of fun!



Campers will learn about the myths and legends, from around the world, about the ocean and the sea creatures in it. We’ll explore the sunken continent of Atlantis; learn about sea monsters, mermaids, and the Kraken; and learn how these mythical creatures relate to modern sea animals. We’ll also learn about ocean “Olympians” as we discuss remarkable sea creatures and their incredible athletic skills. We’ll play our own Olympic games inspired by the ocean and its inhabitants. Campers will also enjoy two days of snorkeling during this camp.



The ocean is full of colors, patterns, sounds, and different textures! We’ll discover
how sea creatures use color and different visual displays to survive. Learn about the sounds sea creatures make as they create their own “music.” Create artwork inspired by the ocean and its creatures. Campers enjoy two days of snorkeling in this camp to see the wonderful colors and patterns of nature.

Graduates of Kindergarten – 1st Grade

Jun 02, 2014 to Aug 15, 2014

Clearwater Marine Aquarium has created combination camps that infuse our popular snorkeling adventures with exciting off-site excursions and enriching classroom activities to provide campers with fun and engaging marine life learning! These new camp selections were designed with your camper’s ideal educational experience in mind and include: Crawling Critters, Fur & Fins, Scales & Slime, Stories of the Sea and Ocean Art.

If an AM or PM camp does not appear, it means that camp is SOLD OUT.

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