Graduates of 2nd - 4th Grade
Jun 02, 2014 to Aug 15, 2014

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All About Winter

Have a Winter fan in the family? Come learn all about Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s most famous resident and her amazing story of survival! Learn Winter’s true story and interact with a rescued dolphin through their underwater windows, visit movie sets from Dolphin Tale as we check out Winter’s Dolphin Tale Adventure, and build your own version of Winter’s tail. Watch Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s residents in action during a private dolphin presentation, just for our summer camps! Campers will enjoy two days of snorkeling combined with traveling fun and educational indoor activities.


Eco Engineers

What does it mean to be green? Learn about sustainable energy, alternative energy sources, recycling, water conservation and ways to help the environment. Campers will become eco-engineers as they work in teams to build machines powered by alternative energy sources (solar, wind, and water). Campers also enjoy two days of snorkeling with this camp.


Full Day Traveling Camp

Come along with Clearwater Marine Aquarium as we visit our neighboring animal facilities like Lowry Park Zoo, Florida Aquarium, and others! Campers will travel to Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s second facility, Winter’s Dolphin Tale Adventure, and trek through our Crystal Beach nature preserve, learning about Florida’s many coastal ecosystems. This special camp lasts the entire day to fit in all the fun as campers explore the Tampa Bay region, so pack a lunch and get ready for adventure!


Helping Hands

Interested in saving marine life? Your camper will learn all about Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s stranding team and their work through hands-on lessons. Participate in a mock dolphin stranding, learn how to handle an entangled seabird, and create your own stranding guide with real life-saving information. Go behind-the-scenes with our otters to learn how Clearwater Marine Aquarium cares for resident animals! Campers can even visit one of Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s active sea turtle nests at night to learn about our Sea Turtle Nesting Patrol!* Campers will enjoy two days of snorkeling combined with traveling adventures, and indoor activities, to give campers a full experience of Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s work!


Jaw-some Predators

In this camp we’ll explore marine food chains, predatorprey relationships and the fine balance of ecosystems, as we learn about the relationships and interdependency between predators and prey. We’ll discover the challenges of being a predator and the risks of being prey. We’ll learn all about the strategies hunters big and small use to find their food and explore some of the tricks prey species use to get away; all while playing fun educational interactive games. Campers also enjoy three days of snorkeling in this camp.


Jr. Outdoor Adventure

Jump onboard with Clearwater Marine Aquarium for an instructional introduction to kayaking! Campers will participate in two kayaking excursions, complete with beginner lessons for the first-time paddler! Then, enjoy three full days of snorkeling experiences as campers travel to different sea grass beds and sand flats aboard Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s pontoon boats to explore Clearwater’s estuary ecosystems.


Meet & Greet

Want to learn more about Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s rescued residents? Now’s your chance to take a picture with a dolphin, create a toy for an otter, and so much more! Discover how our animals live and play each day by building enrichment devices in the classroom, and then sharing them with Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s critters! Campers will learn about animal diets by visiting our food preparation facility and participating in a fish feeding! Your camper will even spend some time interacting with a Clearwater Marine Aquarium dolphin in a meet & greet

session! This is one camp experience they’re sure to remember forever! Interactions subject to change due to animal availability.


Mythical Manatees

This camp introduces future marine biologists to Florida’s state
marine mammal – the Manatee! Learn all about these gentle creatures, their eating habits,environment, and the dangers they face and what we can do to help. Learn about the myths and legends concerning manatees and mermaids, nautical terms, and safe boating practices. Campers will enjoy two days of snorkeling with this camp.


Water Works

Water, water everywhere! There’s so much to learn about the ocean’s most basic component. Learn how Clearwater Marine Aquarium collects and tests the water for our animals, experiment with the physical properties of water by creating ice toys for our resident animals, and snorkel for three days in Clearwater Bay as we explore all that H2O has to offer! Campers will also enjoy a swimming trip to one of our famous local beaches.

Graduates of 2nd - 4th Grade

Jun 02, 2014 to Aug 15, 2014

Clearwater Marine Aquarium has created combination camps that infuse our popular snorkeling adventures with exciting off-site excursions and enriching classroom activities to provide campers with fun and engaging marine life learning! These new camp selections were designed with your camper’s ideal educational experience in mind and include: All About Winter, Eco Engineers, Full Day Traveling Camp, Helping Hands,and more...

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